Let's Make Lots of Monet was established in July 2013 by Issey Scott, an art and architecture writer and sometime-curator.

Links to Writing:

accompanying essay to Lotti V Closs' exhibition at Castor Projects: http://castorprojects.co.uk/in-plain-sight

 - review of Mary Ramsden's solo show at Pilar Corrias: https://candidmagazine.com/couples-therapy-mary-ramsden-pilar-corrias-gallery/

- review of 'Architecture as Metaphor' at Griffin Gallery for LOBBY: http://bartlettlobby.com/articles/more-than-metaphor

- written piece 'Is Architecture Art?' for GDC Interiors Journal: https://www.gdcinteriors.com/is-architecture-art/

- interview with print artist Declan Jenkins (September 2017) https://candidmagazine.com/interview-artist-declan-jenkins/

- interview with artist Sheida Soleimani (August 2017) https://candidmagazine.com/candid-magazine-interviews-american-artist-sheida-soleimani/

- interview with painter Sarah Coote (June 2017) https://candidmagazine.com/interview-painter-sarah-coote/

Curatorial Projects

- co-curated 'Bare Cheek' at arebyte_gallery with artist Rosemary Jane Cronin
- co-curated 'Nasty Women: Architecture' at Anise Gallery with artist Rachel Ara
- co-curated 'Invisible Hours' at South London Gallery with REcreative Editorial Board

Most Talked About Art...