Issey C. Scott is an art writer and curator based in London. Trained in contemporary art theory, her interests include gender-bending, independent spaces, global warming and meaningful community engagement in visual arts. Her writing has appeared in publications including Candid Magazine, The Big Issue, RIBA, Floorr Magazine and Cluster Journal. Issey has curated projects at South London Gallery, Anise Gallery, Museum of the Home and arebyte, and has produced exhibition texts for Castor Gallery and Wimbledon Space. 2021 will see her first solo curating project at Back Room Gallery in London.

Aside from reviews as part of Let's Make Lots of Monet, her writing can be found below, spanning arts and culture:

Cluster Journal [2020]

Essay commissioned to accompany group exhibition 'Chrysalis' at Wimbledon Space [2020]

The Gallyry [2019-present]

Essay accompanying Lotti V Closs' solo exhibition 'In Plain Sight' at Castor Projects [2017]

Candid Magazine [2016-2019]
Exhibition review: Paola Ciarska at IMT Gallery

GDC Interiors Journal [2016]

Ephemeral Magazine [2016]

Installation view from Bare Cheek, curated by Issey Scott and Rosemary Jane Cronin, 19 November 2017, arebyte_gallery.

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