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Carlos/Ishikawa: Manuel Solano 'Ancestry' (until 21 January 2023)

Public Gallery: Stefania Batoeva 'Divorce' (until 17 December 2022)

Trafalgar Avenue: Talking to Ourselves and Other F*ggots (until 12 November 2022)

Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi: Ed Atkins (until 5 November 2022)

Southwark Park Galleries: Lydia Blakeley 'The High Life' (until 4 September 2022)

Timothy Taylor Gallery: A Thing for the Mind (until 19 August 2022)

Artist Interview and Studio Visit: Mark Jackson

Pace Geneva: teamLab 'Existence in an Infinite Continuity' (until 2 July 2022)

TJ Boulting: Boo Saville 'Ma' (until 25 June 2022)

Carl Kostyal: Jess Valice 'Human' (until 7 May 2022)