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Final Hot Desert: Kai (Kari) Altmann 'TTOA: Native Arrangement II'

Burial, Four Tet, Thom Yorke 'Her Revolution' (2020)

Body dysmorphia and art in lockdown

PIEDRAS Galeria: Carrie Bencardino 'Never gonna forget how awful I felt'

Cooke Latham Gallery: Johnny Izatt-Lowry 'By Day, But Then Again By Night' (until 16 October 2020)

SET Bermondsey: Kate Dunn 'Skin of Light' (until 26 September 2020)

Peter Von Kant: Christopher Hartmann 'Come so close (that I might see)' (until 29 August 2020)

Niru Ratnam Gallery: Suture (until 29 August 2020)

Pilar Corrias: 7 Up (online)

Art Basel (online until 26 June 2020)

Georgia: 'About Work the Dancefloor' [The Blessed Madonna Remix] (2019)

Public Gallery: No Time Like the Present (online)

On Off Gallery: Dix-Sept Murs & Une FenĂȘtre (online)