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Degree Shows 2019: An Early Scoop

Sim Smith Gallery: What Kind of Spirit is This? (until 1st June 2019)

Bo Lee Gallery: Tomas Harker 'A Sea in Suspense' (until 25th May 2019)

Campoli Presti: Reena Spaulings 'Lion Hunt' (until 18th May 2019)

Lily Brooke: Jemma Egan 'Family Member' (until 14th April 2019)

Subsidiary Projects: Darlings of the Underground (until 8th March 2019)

Hannah Barry Gallery: Henry Hudson 'Nothing Sticks to Nothing' (until 16th March 2019)

Charlie Smith London: Young Gods (until 9th March 2019)

Drawing Room: Close - Drawn Portraits (until 3rd February 2019)

Bosse & Baum: Emilie Taylor 'Beating the Bounds' (until 19th January 2019)