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Carlos/Ishikawa: Korakrit Arunanondchai (until 22nd December 2018)

Standpoint Gallery: Michael Peel 'States of Fear' (until 8th December 2018)

Assembly Point: Vanessa Billy 'Future Perfect' (until 8th December 2018)

Paris Internationale (17-21 October 2018)

Block 336: Tamsin Snow 'Spare Face' (until 10th November 2018)

Project Native Informant: Morag Keil 'Here We Go Again' (until 27th October 2018)

Enclave Lab: Mission to Touch the Sun Part 2 (until 28th August 2018)

Highlights from Whitechapel Gallery: The London Open 2018 (until 26th August 2018)

Thames-Side Studios Gallery: Fatal Attraction (until 26th August 2018)

Fold Gallery: Flipside (until 18th August 2018)

Matt's Gallery: Joey Holder 'Adcredo - The Deep Belief Network' (until 29th July 2018)

Spotlight on Free Range: Art Week (until 9th July 2018)

Pippy Houldsworth Gallery: Hypnagogia (until 4th August 2018)

SCAN Project Room: Jose Carlos Naranjo 'Everything I See Will Outlive Me' (until 30th June 2018)

Gagosian: Katharina Grosse 'Prototypes of Imagination' (until 27th July 2018)

Seen Fifteen: Taisuke Koyama 'Sensor_Code' (until 17th June 2018)

Rodeo Gallery: Apostolos Georgiou 'From My Heart' (until 16th June 2018)