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SET Bermondsey: Kate Dunn 'Skin of Light' (until 26th September 2020)

I wasn't going to write about 'Skin of Light'. a show by London-based artist Kate Dunn hosted at the Bermondsey location of SET studios, mostly because I thought the exhibition's description did a good job of setting the scene for the show, and truthfully I was so overwhelmed (in a positive way!) by the show that I wanted to just bask in it for a while. However after sleeping on it I've been thinking about how profoundly it moved me, and how incredible it was; this has left me with the realisation that if I'm not writing about the art I love, what's the point of writing at all? So it is with this that I write considerably more personally on this occasion, about this wonderful installation that the artist has described as a "trash chapel of trance". Installation view: Kate Dunn, Skin of Light, 17-26 September 2020. Photograph taken by me. SET Bermondsey is a fairly large warehouse studio complex, equidistantly sandwiched between the more luxe side of…

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