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The Sunday Painter: Tyra Tingleff 'Smile now, cry later' (until 31 July 2021)

I almost resisted the urge to write about my experience at Vauxhall's The Sunday Painter gallery, mostly because I have a pre-existing love for the work of Oslo and Berlin-based artist Tyra Tingleff. The expectations, and excitement, were there from the start, and the show has been curated in a way that only gives a teaser to passers-by at street level. 'Smile now, cry later' is comprised of several new works in Tingleff's distinctive style, using oil paint on raw linen to create abstracted yet somehow familiar and enticing aesthetics.  Installation view: Tyra Tingleff, Smile now, cry later, 25 June - 31 July 2021. The Sunday Painter, London. Photo credit: Ollie Hammick.  As discussed by Amy Sherlock in the exhibition text, Tingleff's works bear a resemblance to "the aftermath on the back of your eyelids when you've looked right at the sun". Whereas it is easy to weave a narrative about more figurative artworks, the joy of these paintings is that they

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