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Campoli Presti: Reena Spaulings 'Lion Hunt' (until 18th May 2019)

For this alarmingly bright exhibition at Campoli Presti, the viewer's eyes must settle to the 'high-viz yellow' abstract paintings before the work can be unpacked to reveal an assessment of the contemporary moment. As shocking as the palette is, we are reminded of old school art history lessons on colour theory with a large dose of colour synaesthesia, and brought back from the dreamland of the art world to where we stand in this tumultuous time in history.

Installation view: Reena Spaulings, Lion Hunt, Campoli Presti. Image courtesy of the artist and Campoli Presti, London and Paris.
The press release accompanying 'Lion Hunt' speaks of the artist's point of departure with this body of work, Delacroix's 1854 painting 'The Lion Hunt (Fragment)', and immediately the viewer notices the different parts of the series form a dialogue together; a fragmented whole. This is an incredibly well considered aspect of the show, especially as Campoli Presti has spac…

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