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Workplace Gallery: Come Together (until 20 March 2021)

There has been much discourse about the arts suffering one crisis or another in recent years, which are sometimes just shorthand for saying that society (see: austerity) and the way we access things are changing, and the industries haven't worked out how to catch up yet. I'm thinking about the rise in pirating music back in the early 2000s, followed by streaming solutions, then the rise in using Instagram to view art instead of visiting galleries in person, which has generally led to an increase in the public's interest in contemporary art. However the current predicament of arts venues being closed for public health reasons presents issues that will be slower to recover from, including factoring in the mental health tolls of such a hit, especially in the UK where we are dealing with an unforgivable number of cases and deaths. For the time being, online exhibitions are continuing to be rolled out, and 'Come Together', a show hosted by Gateshead and London-based Work

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