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Seventeen Gallery: In winter; mute (until 11 February 2023)

Sensory and mental expectations in the lead up to entering any space can be curious things; whether it is a peripheral buzz, or loud drone, of anxiety when we fear what lies behind the door, or pure excitement, or of course something in between. When it comes to museum or gallery visits, unless you are being taken by a companion, the expectation is usually what sells the experience before you've had it. So what might bring visitors to Seventeen Gallery? Its location in Haggerston in East London may be one, although its entrance is very much hidden down a side street; another might be the calibre of artists, as the current group show 'In winter; mute' boasts work by Nina Davies, Paul B. Davis, Isaac Lythgoe and Lewis Teague-Wright.  Installation view: In winter; mute , 2 December 2022 - 19 February 2023. Seventeen Gallery, London. Image courtesy of the gallery. Its press release produces an air of mystery around what brings the artists together, and it arguably does take som

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