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Artist Interview: Painter Katya Lewis

Katya Lewis is an artist whose work I first discovered when her stunning paintings were exhibited at the Royal Academy Schools degree show back in 2017. I was immediately drawn to them with their elemental aesthetic, and the quietness that makes time stop still. This is a really unique quality when we are used to over-stimulation and over-saturation, and the idea of Slow Looking is something I am looking forward to taking into my own curatorial practice, creating temporary environments and microcosms rather than static shows. Experiencing Katya's work in the flesh has certainly contributed to this attitude, having evidently made a lasting impression on me in the four years since encountering it. In our chat,  I was thrilled to learn more about her practice and see where our ideas might align. Katya Lewis, his heat is on me, 2019. Ink, wax, oil, acrylic gesso on aluminium, 125cm x 125cm. Photo credit: D Jun-Yu Low What has your art-making journey been like so far? Have you always us

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