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TJ Boulting: Boo Saville 'Ma' (until 11 June 2022)

 "At first [the colour field paintings] offered an emotional space in her work to escape and find comfort, and today this refuge has become joy." - Press release, Boo Saville 'Ma' at TJ Boulting, 2022. Installation view: Boo Saville, Ma, 6 May - 11 June 2022. TJ Boulting, London. Image courtesy of TJ Boulting via Artsy. Simplicity can often feel like nothing short of a gift; this might come in the form of something complex being explained clearly, or perhaps being given the space to interpret things freely. This is particularly salient at a time where we have the expectation of understanding many different things at once. Scrolling through Twitter makes us face the experiences and opinions of thousands of people simultaneously, and on Instagram we are shown various degrees of 'perfection' via aesthetics.  The pathway which this leads to 'Ma', a solo exhibition at TJ Boulting from Margate-based artist Boo Saville, is that the artist uses colour field pa

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