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Artist Interview: James Irwin

I first encountered the work of London-based artist James Irwin when I visited his solo exhibition 'Listening to Xanax' back in 2018, at Gossamer Fog, which is one of my favourite galleries. We've kept in touch since I wrote that review three years ago, and at the moment his Instagram is a great place to check out his new work. Here we discuss Glitch Ethics, mental health and the art world's ongoing aversion to new technologies. James also makes me think about the difference between art that is interested in the glitch, and art that is in itself "glitchy". Image courtesy of the artist. You're doing your PhD on the point at which code becomes image, and your work is so aesthetically concerned with the glitch and, perhaps, technological malfunction. How long has your practice been interested in this? I wouldn't say that I'm trying to make work that looks glitchy, but I'm definitely interested in the 'glitch ethic' of doing things wrong a

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