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Anxiety becomes a public spectacle for Mental Health Awareness Week

Last week was Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK, and it seems that the more the issue is discussed in circles that are neither equipped nor dedicated to grasp it in depth, the more murky and the perception of mental illness becomes. Depending on who you're speaking to, mental health can come to mean everything or nothing. By being bastardised and commercialised, often under workplace capitalism, today's salaried workers are "generously" provided with wellbeing programmes as part of their employment, but what ends up occurring is an outsourcing of negative emotion, distress and, ultimately, mental illness. As undesirable as it may already seem, this scenario is the more privileged position of being in secure work, and grappling with the more supposedly moderate manageable and common conditions such as anxiety and depression. Out of sight, out of mind! Image courtesy of Outernet London. However mild conditions are claimed to be on paper, by the authoritative voices

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