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Artist Interview: Marice Cumber

  I came across the ceramic work of Marice Cumber after discovering Accumulate , a charitable-status art school for people experiencing homelessness, of which Marice is the director. The inequality gap, or should I say the accessibility gap, in art schools and higher education more generally is huge and undeniable for anyone who has attended university, whether or not they are keen to admit it. When I realised Marice was also a practicing artist, I was keen to learn more, especially given the rising profile and incredible work of the organisation, however I quickly learned that Marice's ceramic practice and her role as director are very separate. Whilst this was something I did not expect to hear explicitly, in contemplation I think it is a healthy way to be creative and be able to separate your personal and professional aspects of your life. Marice Cumber, The Vessel of Ongoing Optimism 1, 2021. 53cm x 9cm x 18cm. Image courtesy of the artist. How would you describe your work as a

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