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Sundy: The Fountain Show II (until 2 October 2021)

Water is the ultimate life source; we know this. Over the various lockdowns, city folk like myself were frequently lamenting the last time we saw the sea. As a deeply-entrenched city girl, this didn't strike me until about a year in, but when I finally saw the ocean again a few months ago I felt entirely refreshed and optimistic, as if a new possibilities were on the horizon. Of course, there are many water-based clichés at my disposal, and anything that is a basic staple life source will also be a bargaining tool in the ugly capitalist world in which we exist. I think here of Flint, Michigan and the droughts worldwide which will become more regular with global warming tightening its chokehold.  In sharp, light contrast to these murky thoughts, we have the latest exhibition at Sundy in south London, tucked away in a beautiful residential part of town near Elephant and Castle, which is always a treat to encounter. 'The Fountain Show II' is self-explanatory, in that it is a s

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