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Xxijra Hii: Stewart Cliff 'Metro' (until 12 June 2021)

 Xxijra Hii (pronounced 'Shy-Rah-Hi') is a new gallery space in a lovely pocket of Deptford in South London, part of Resolution Way, a row of galleries building a reputation as a treat for anyone wanting to fit in a load of culture in a small space of time (so, all of us then!). Xxijra Hii was the first space I encountered when I was doing something of a self-guided tour, and I immediately fell in love with the sculptural painting works of London-based artist Stewart Cliff. I had noticed them on Instagram prior to coming down, but they truly are a different story when viewing them in real life.  Image courtesy of the gallery. Pleasingly, the beige tones prevalent in the exhibition are something of a reset for the eyes, and allow for some blissful escapism through the practice of 'slow looking'. Deptford is a busy, loud part of town, and coming into this space where the palettes are muted down and the subject matter in the works are somewhat abstracted, unclear and misty

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