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Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi: Ed Atkins (until 5 November 2022)

I made a concerted effort to see Ed Atkins' solo show as part of the fantastic Berlin Art Week, which ended on 18 September. Although of course the German capital is abuzz with culture and contemporary kunst  the whole year through, I was particularly excited to explore this festival, and in particular its inclusion of a new body of work by Atkins, whose 2018 exhibition 'Olde Food' at London's Cabinet Gallery made a lasting impression on me. Still from: Ed Atkins, The worm, 2022. Video projection with sound, loop, 14 minutes. Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi, Berlin. Photo: Art at Berlin Spanning across three spaces within the building, which holds onto its mystique from exterior to interior, the gallery showcases Atkins' new works in mixed media drawing, sound and video, creating an environment that fosters an intimate relationship between artist and viewer, given the personal and often tender topics addressed in the work. This is done through a technique that seems to

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