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Pace Gallery: teamLab 'Existence in an Infinite Continuity' (until 2 July 2022)

With spaces in New York, London, Hong Kong, Seoul, Geneva, Palo Alto, East Hampton, Palm Beach and Los Angeles, there is no denying that Pace Gallery is one of the contemporary art world's leading names. Something that the gallery does really well is scale, namely that their locations aren't huge, but they're certainly not cramped, and are always airy and light. They are a comfortable midpoint in which audiences can immerse themselves in artwork, while also enjoying space for contemplation. Artists exhibiting at Pace are usually somehow immersive in their nature, so it is strategic and immaculate in its execution. I recently visited their site in Geneva, Switzerland, on a whim, having received an email about the best Swiss galleries and museums half an hour before the gallery was due to shut for the weekend. Realising I didn't have much time, I quickly bolted along the Rhône and found Pace Gallery in a fairly unassuming unit facing the river.  Installation view: teamLab

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