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Southwark Park Galleries: Lydia Blakeley 'The High Life' (until 4 September 2022)

For several years now, Lydia Blakeley has been a firm fixture in London's art scene, and increasingly now further afield. It is hard not to be drawn to her work; there is a cutesy, girlie, nostalgic air to it, with dark wit and cynical undertones that knock us all back down to earth. With familiar visual and social tropes in her paintings and sculptures, Blakeley's work produces a bizarrely friendly atmosphere wherever it is shown, and it certainly stands out in, for example, crowded group exhibitions. There is less human presence in 'The High Life', her largest solo in the UK to date, and it's a very loud omission; sun loungers that are certainly not for sitting paired with paintings of empty, yet beautiful, spaces, certainly have a narrative to speak of. Installation view: Lydia Blakeley, The High Life, 10 July - 4 September 2022. Southwark Park Galleries, London. Copyright Lydia Blakeley. Photo copyright Mischa Haller Most works in the show are from this year, wh

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