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Sim Smith Gallery: What Kind of Spirit is This? (until 1st June 2019)

I gravitate to exhibitions of painting as much as I can; despite the wide range of media on offer in London's art scene, I always cave back to painting. Anyway, it is with this in mind that I was excited to check out Sim Smith Gallery in south London, which turned out to be yet another space taking form inside a house. I do think galleries are great in residential spaces, but the lack of signage made it difficult to find, to the point that I thought I may have been knocking on a stranger's front door. What I encountered was a strong showing of contemporary painting with one ceramic piece, accompanied by a press release steeped in literary history and allusions to further enhance interpretation.

Jonathan McCree, Pink Park #1, 2019. Oil stick, airbrush and acrylic on canvas in artist-made frame, 150cm x 110cm. Sim Smith Gallery, London.

There is a great deal of textures on display, which I always appreciate, and with a range of sizes the whole experience is made even richer. Back…

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