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Mother's Tankstation: Prudence Flint 'The Call' (until 4 December 2021)

  Or, Why Prudence Flint's Paintings Speak to a Voiceless Mental Health Epidemic  Installation view: Prudence Flint,  The Call,  10 October - 4 December 2021. Mother's Tankstation, London. Image courtesy of the gallery. My happening upon Australian artist Prudence Flint's paintings at Bethnal Green gallery Mother's Tankstation is a fairly interesting one, as there are various reasons why they had such a profound effect on me. Firstly, it was towards the end of Frieze week in London, which for anyone who doesn't know is the  biggest week in contemporary art in the city. Aside from the art fair itself, there is huge demand for galleries to turn out their biggest exhibitions of the year. The frenzy on social media is then catapulted into parody, with (depending on who you follow on Instagram) an obligatory influx of all the most Instagrammable works and booths from Regent's Park, with usually the same four or five pieces, mostly sculptures, being posted multiple ti

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