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Workplace Gallery: Joel Kyack 'Hold On Tightly / Let Go Lightly' (until 20th January 2018)

American artist Joel Kyack switches himself on to the needs and desires of "the people" in his practice, whether this refers to the general public or themes in the art world, two things which seem to be becoming closer intertwined with every passing day (one would hope). Combining sculptural installation, video and painting, Kyack's solo show at Workplace Gallery, W1S, is very much the artist's experimentation ground in terms of media and authorship. By incorporating the natural environment, the figure of the artist himself and intrusive installations, the viewer is left with no doubt as to Kyack's intentions.

Joel Kyack, Design a Future or Fuck It, 2017. Sticks, rope, flint stones, t-shirt, hanger, 250cm x 400cm x 400cm. Workplace Gallery, London and Gateshead. 
The contrast between the artist's fun and compelling work and the blank space of the white-cube gallery space serves to amplify Kyack's artistic vision and voice further. Upon entering the gallery…

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