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National Museum of Women in the Arts: Revival (until 10th September 2017)

I'm really excited that this post comes from Washington DC, which was recently named the world's best city for museums, sharing the honour with London, so I have been chomping at the bit to get round as many as possible in my time here. My first stop was always going to be the National Museum of Women in the Arts, and I was even more excited to find their temporary exhibition 'Revival', which showcases prolific female artists from the contemporary and late modern period.

The body is a focal point of the show, where women artists use theirs and those of people around them as inspiration to produce creative responses to the world in which they are immersed. Thrillingly for a museum exhibit, curators have picked as vast a range of media as one could possibly hope for, spanning installation, video, sculpture, painting and craft, with thoroughly international origins. Swedish artist Charlotte Gyllenhammar has space towards the front of the first gallery with a dual video pi…

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