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Pi Artworks: Fahrettin Örenli 'Money Without Nationality' (until 9th June 2018)

In this interesting and intelligent exhibition, Amsterdam, Istanbul-and-Seoul-based artist Fahrettin Orenli presents a body of work made over a period of a few years as a visual discussion of the ways in which architectural, and other, structures are crystallisations of social and economic issues. Given that these are presented through the additional lens of the contemporary artist's eye provides space for the results to be amusing and creative rather than purely matter-of-fact. The artist is based in three different cities, which is something that I believe adds yet another layer to the work, as his ideas exemplify a universal city or conditioning as opposed to being modelled on one particular geography.

Consisting of sculpture, video, sound, light-based art, poetry and installation, it is safe to say that the exhibition is thorough and incredibly well thought-out, both in terms of the artist's practice and from a curatorial perspective. Some of the imagery is rather startlin…

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