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Block 336: Jane Hayes Greenwood 'Lead Me Not Into Temptation' (until 10th November 2017)

Female artists toeing the aesthetic line between the sweet and the sinister thrill me as an art lover. This fabulous solo show at Brixton's Block 336, SW9, does exactly that, keeping the viewer tantalised and fascinated by combining sickly sweet palettes and common motifs of despair and shame. The show is comprised of Greenwood's paintings, works on paper and an impressively scaled installation, through which the viewer is invited to meander. Each element of the show is seamlessly linked, through visual codes, themes and palettes alike.

Jane Hayes Greenwood, Lead Me Not Into Temptation, 2017. Image courtesy of Block 336.
Having visited the space before, I am in awe of Block 336's versatile and fairly extensive space; its curators repeatedly find new and interesting ways of showing off artist and architecture concurrently, and 'Lead Me Not Into Temptation' highlights this strength once again. Malleable room dividers separate the space in non-linear ways, so that we a…

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