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Charlie Smith London: Young Gods (until 9th March 2019)

February is about six months between degree shows, so an exhibition showcasing a curator's pick of the graduate artists from the previous year's degree shows is a nice refresher. For fifteen years, Zavier Ellis has annually selected a fantastic array of practitioners, this year from Goldsmiths, Wimbledon College of Arts, Chelsea College of Arts, Slade School, City & Guilds of London Art School and Royal Academy Schools. The calibre is very high and the mixture of humour and topical themes makes for a lighthearted, enjoyable show; over winter there has been a great deal of disappointing shows but 'Young Gods' has reignited my interest for the first time this year.

Teal Griffin, 5 Years, 2018. Textiles, insulation foam, wood, steel, plastic and cardboard box, dimensions variable.
Teal Griffin's sculptural work is a real highlight of an already strong showing; I recognised '5 Years' from the Goldsmiths degree show last year, where the seated anthropomorphis…

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