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Block 336: Tamsin Snow 'Spare Face' (until 10th November 2018)

For this solo show at the consistently impressive Block 336 in Brixton, Dublin-based artist Tamsin Snow uses installation and film to provide a fairly complex commentary on the way architecture has the power to not only shape our emotions but physically crystallise political and social ideologies from institutions and other authorities. The space itself is crisp and immaculate; although Block 336 is based in what looks like a former car park or warehouse, the clarity of the video works alongside its vast spaces is quite a breathtaking combination.

Installation view: Tamsin Snow, Waiting Room, 2018. CGI video animation, dimensions variable.  Image courtesy of Block 336. 
Upon entering the first gallery space, 'Waiting Room', an intriguing installation, presents itself. The concept of the waiting room as the first part of an exhibition isn't exactly groundbreaking, in fact I saw it at GAO Gallery in Whitechapel a couple of weeks ago in a show by Godai Sahara; however for Snow …

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