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Koppel Project Hive: The Hive Mind (until 22nd September 2017)

This vast and lively group exhibition at Koppel Project Hive, EC1A, features an array of well-known contemporary artists in a range of media, including installation, photography and video. It is stated in the accompanying text that the works have been "curated as points in a nonlinear narrative", which instantly makes one think of the role of the curator in this case. Is this statement a self-reflexive satire on what curating actually is? These ideas stuck with me throughout the show.
As aforementioned, the exhibition is incredibly lively and engaging; while at points this can make it difficult to divide your attention equally, it does allow the viewer to decide which parts of the show, and which artists, they gravitate towards and take most from. This becomes most prevalent on the initial, ground floor, where Andrew Mealor's large-scale earthen sculpture 'SWOC-Matrix/Acid-Reflux' makes a bold physical impression and Yuri Pattison's moving image work is certai…

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